This festival takes place on the grounds of a Christian church. Films containing profanity, nudity even if artistic, sexually explicit scenes, simulated sex or excessive violence will NOT be accepted. NO horror films will be accepted. Submissions containing such materials are ineligible for screening.

The following films are ideal for this festival

  1. Faith-based films with Christian values

  2. Inspirational films with themes that exemplify moral standards in accordance with  traditional family values

  3. Films that inspire faith, courage, hope, love, peace and contain generally uplifting messages

  4. Films that promote high moral standards and behaviors

  1. Films created in or containing any language other than English must be subtitled in English.

  2. Competition is open to anyone who wishes to enter.

  3. Films produced, primarily financed, or initiated by a major Hollywood film studio are ineligible for competition.

  4. Films must have been completed no earlier than January 1, 2012 and must be completed at the time of submission. No rough cuts accepted.

  5. Films must be available for screening during the festival, MAY 21-23,2020

By submitting a film to the IFFF, the filmmaker agrees to allow the film to be screened at the festival, and to allow short portions of the film to be used by BarriVision Productions, the producer of the festival and the IFFF for promotional purposes. 


60 - 120 minutes
This is an award category

Middy Films
30-60 minutes
This is an award category

Short  Films
7-30 minutes
This is an award category 

This is an award category

Student Films
maximum 60 minutes
This is an award category. 

Mini Films
3-5 minutes filmed on camera phones and mobile devices
This is NOT an award category


Inspired Sisters!!!  We will honor women filmmakers, directors and/or producers with a Best Female Filmmaker/Director award dedicated just to recognizing the contributions of women filmmakers to the industry.