True Love

It's the story of a carpenter who makes a glove that fit his hand, making it perfect, unique, and special. 
The glove comes to life and starts to discover what's in workshop, but when it sees a window it's told by the carpenter not to get close to it. 
The carpenter leaves the workshop for a moment when the glove takes an opportunity to look through the window and, attracted by what it sees, decides to escape. 
During its journey, it finds a crow, a wolf, and a pig, to which it asks for help to be filled since it felt empty and lonely, but they only hurt it. 
The glove can't continue walking and starts agonizing, but it sees three crosses far away, not being able to understand what was happening. 
After three days seeking, the carpenter finds the glove. He has wounds in his hands because he died in order to save his creation. 
He takes it to the workshop, begins cleaning and fixing it, and even though the glove there still are some scars, when the carpenter enters his hand, it fits as new. Now it is full and complete.