Visual Storytelling for Documentary & Drama

by Douglas Munro CSC

Director of Photography

Emmy Award-Winning Cinematographer, Doug Munro will lead an engaging journey through the visual challenges and opportunities inherent in low to medium budget films. By sharing short examples of his work the workshop will encourage communication and discussion on a variety of cinematography topics.


Doug began his cinematography career in Toronto, Canada working on various

documentaries and promotional films. Trained and disciplined in film production he was among the first to embrace video and digital cinema. In 1994 he received an Emmy Award for his work with CBS in Lillehammer, Norway. His worldwide Network clients include NBC, ABC, CBS, CTV, CBC, ITV, ZDF, CMT, AMC, Sci-Fi, TNT, MTV, FOX, ORD and Swiss TV. Corporate clients include APPLE Computers, AMEX, EXXON, Suncor, Ogilvy & Mather, Sony, Bank of Montreal, RBC, CIBC, Subway, and Toyota.


His promotional work for major and independent film studios includes motion picture and TV series including Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, Legends of the Fall, Brokeback Mountain, Cool Runnings, Jesse James, Open Range, The Edge.

Doug is President of HDTV Productions Inc., with operations in Calgary, Canada and Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a full member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and an Electronic DP with IATSE669.


He currently resides overlooking the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and is focussed on feature-length documentaries with his partner, Margot McMaster an established Producer/Director/Editor.

Workshop will cover:

  • Deciding on a camera equipment package and technical considerations.

  • The importance of Prep to have a successful shoot

  • The wild cards

  • Be inventive

  • Don’t be afraid of long telephoto lenses

  • Heavy and lightweight equipment advantages and disadvantages

  • 4K for HD, 2K for HD

  • Operational methods in the field

  • Audio! the importance, listening

  • Communication with director, story development

  • Gut instinct, thinking ahead, crystal ball

  • Time lapse, night work

  • Gopro’s with filters

  • Drones, looks like a drone shot...good or bad

  • Knowing when to put the camera away and not shoot

Directing & Editing

by Margot McMaster


Emmy Award-Winning Director, Margot will share her extraordinary talents, wealth of knowledge and experience with workshop participants.

Margot McMaster worked her way up the crew ranks from production assistant, location sound recordist and editor to Director/Producer. Along the way she gained valuable insights into the do’s and don’ts of documentary filmmaking. She will relate some of these real life experiences along with examples of her work and offer insights into the world of documentary filmmaking.

The Big Picture

Directing and editing workshop

Helpful hints and tips to creating a documentary that people will want to watch.

What the workshop will cover:

  • Organization, organization, organization. Everything from those things you hate to do to those things you didn’t even know you had to do.

  • The absolute importance of file management and how to tackle the reams of media youwill acquire while filming.

  • So who is your audience and why does this effect your story telling technique?

  • Everything from look and feel, what is it you’re trying to say and how is it best to tell your story.

  • Why you should never discount audio, no mater what the Cinematographer has to say, half the film is audio.

  • Creating a look in the editing suite, adding the extra layer to get the right ‘feel’ for the scene.

  • Plugins, overlays and other tools you can use in storytelling.

  • The conversation. How to get the most out of an interview and what interview techniques may work best for you.

  • The art of telling the story, from third person narrative driven storytelling to first person point of view.

  • Make it YOURS! It’s your vision but it takes a team. How to be open to input.


Margot started her television career when acid-washed jeans and The Wonder Years were in vogue. As an editor and location sound recordist she cut her teeth on hundreds of productions, learning her trade, learning about the business and traveling the world.


As fashions changed (sort of) and The Wonder Years flew by, her interests expanded to that of producing. Always one to embrace new technology Margot and her business partner were early adopters of high definition technology, acquiring their first HDCam in 1998. In 2001 she produced, directed and edited an historical documentary on the Banff Springs hotel in high definition. This directorial debut was nominated for best documentary at the Alberta Television Awards. She went on to produce and edit the documentary On The Edge of Destruction: The Frank Slide 

Story which received two Alberta Television awards and a Best Cinematography award for Docudrama for Douglas Munro CSC at the Canadian Society of Cinematographers awards. This was followed by two, hour-long high definition documentaries on the Alberta Oil Sands which she co-produced and edited. The Pay Dirt series premiered to a sold out audience at the Calgary International Film Festival that September 2016. 

Her productions have been broadcast on Discovery HD Theatre, HDNet, INHD, CBC, 

Canadian Learning Television, BRAVO! and are distributed in Europe. Over the years she produced, directed and edited programs in diverse genres from short films and feature length documentaries to news magazine format programs and electronic press kits for some of Hollywood’s major motion picture studios. From investigating odd and paranormal phenomena for UPN’s “Strange Universe”, to field producing EPK’s for NBC’s “FEAR Itself” she has it covered, Aliens, Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies don’t stand a chance! Some other networks she has worked for include CBC, CTV, CBS, NBC, FOX and TNT. 


From 2008-2010 Margot branched out to the internet and worked with Quantum Shift Media Inc. (QSTV) an online broadcaster of environmental and socially relevant stories. At QSTV she spearheaded the production department and was instrumental in creating ShiftIN2, a two minute informational series for the web. Along with video production the company also ran an annual school video contest open to grades 1-12 throughout North America. Industry recognition includes an Emmy Award from the National Television Academy of Arts and Sciences for her work with CBS at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway and awards at the Chicago, Charleston and Houston international film festivals. She also co-won the Banff Television Festivals HD pitch competition in 2005 for Orangutan Mama. QSTV was nominated for a Canadian New Media Award in 2008. 


Margot has participated in Alberta industry workshops as a guest lecturer on the topic of integration of high definition into film and television productions. She is also guest lectured on the topic of high definition work flow integration at the Banff Centre for Performing Arts.

Workshop will cover:

  • Crowd funding - does it work?

  • Grant funding

  • Cast & Crew Funding

  • Partnerships

  • Winning sponsors

  • The value of Product Placement

  • Get creative

Creative Financing for Independent Film

by Judith Falloon-Reid


Judith has written and directed three independent Faith-based feature films on a shoestring budget. Co-Director of Inspired Faith Film Festival and co-owner of BarriVision Films, she will share her experiences and practical ideas for funding your independent film.

About Judith Falloon-Reid

Judith is a missionary at heart whose free spirit has led her into the lives and homes of many hurting people as a ministry worker, writer, filmmaker and speaker. Professionally, she is a marketing consultant with over 30 years experience.


Born and raised in Jamaica, Judith is writer and lead director of Jamaica's first and award-winning Gospel movies, Just Another Friday, The Gift Everlasting and 70 x Seventy (release date March 31, 2017). Released in March 2013, Just Another Friday went on to win the Best Jamaican Feature Film award at the Int'l Reggae Film Festival in 2013 and awards for Best Music Score & Most Inspirational Film at the Central Florida Christian Film Festival 2014. Judith won Best Female Director (Faith Films) for The Gift Everlasting at the Florida Movie Festival 2015.​

She is the founder of Independent VoYces Literary Fair, a founding member of Jamaica Drums 4 Peace movement and is the host of Gospel Rhythms and Shelf Life television programs. She is an active volunteer for the Jamaica Youth for Christ, where along with her husband, Michael Brown, they facilitate the drama ministry, where her background in dance, drama and ministry are put to full use. 

Judith and Michael own BarriVision Films and together they have created several television shows including Where in JA is Dry Lan’ Touris’, My LiKKle Food Spot, Shelf Life and Gospel Rhythms. She has written for many publications as columnist, travel writer and news correspondent and was Founder of ByHisWord Outreach & Theatre Ministries.