Dinosaur Heart

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Dinosaur Heart is a short documentary following Treffen Rexius and his family whose life was turned upside down after receiving devastating news at the doctor’s office. Being a completely happy and healthy 10-month-old baby, there was no reason to suspect anything was wrong. Even in the overshadow of a parents’ worst nightmare, losing a child, we see God’s faithfulness and provision every step of the way. It’s a harrowing and inspiring story of faith and perseverance though some of life’s toughest moments, while seeing the peace and comfort of God overflow in the middle of them.

Salt and Light - The Miracle in Hollywood


Fifty years ago in Hollywood, California a spirited young pastor, a mainline conservative church, and a group of wide-eyed college kids and young people came together to create THE SALT COMPANY -- a band that started what we now know as Contemporary Christian Music and created a Coffee House that opened its doors to everyone (including runaways, hippies, and drop-outs). Together they helped launch The Jesus Movement and transform the lives of a generation. 

Ocean Quest XPRIZE Competition Documentary

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Follow the incredible journey of the underdog team of Junior High and High School students advancing to the semi finals of the international Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition to map the ocean sea floor. This is the first time a student team of such young age has ever advanced to the semi finals of any XPRIZE competition and shows the inspiration and determination that has these unlikely students overcoming historic odds to do something no one thought possible. The documentary culminates in a live ocean test in front of XPRIZE judges of their solution and experiencing both innocent humor and competitive determination to overcome every failure of hardware and ocean challenges and endure to the end. This will inspire students of any generations in any field to know what it means to take the risks in life and persevere to the end.

Kathleen Kilbane-In the Presence of a Holy Child

Kathleen Kilbane-In the Presence of a Ho

The film tells the true story of a young Irish/Scottish girl, Kathleen Kilbane, who displayed an exceptional sanctity during her short life. She spent her formative years in an orphanage in Scotland and when she turned 12 years old she was sent to live with her grandmother on Achill Island, Ireland, only to be diagnosed with the same disease that killed her mother; tuberculosis.

Exploring Hope for Better Times

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The film starts with a dark screen with the sound of a helicopter rumbling – no music – reveal to aerial shot of the island and jungle from helicopter. The helicopter lands and the host exits, and we descend into a cave. The host greets the audience, noting that we live in such extreme times that it’s tempting to feel hopeless. We invite you to join us as we explore hope: what it is and how to find it. When you’re stuck in a mineshaft where the path has collapsed behind you, the only way out is through. With that in mind, the audience is invited to dig deeper to explore what this might mean, and to seek out hope in these dark depths.

Foreclosing on Faith

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Heroic battles, passionate protests and widespread resistance are being witnessed in many parts of the United States. But this isn’t politics, it’s a war raging within the Catholic Church to preserve countless spiritual homes from closure. Catholic churches are being shuttered at an alarming rate in the United States. At stake are issues of ethnic and cultural identity and the well-being of communities across the land.

Walking for Genna

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"Genna", the Ethiopian Christmas takes place on the night of the 6th of January. For the Christians in this country, this is an important moment of bliss. During the weeks running up to that particular night, pilgrims from all corners of the country, start on a journey that will take them to a place where the celebration is the most grandiose: Lalibela, the Ethiopian Jerusalem. 

Higher than the Earth

Learning that a baby suffers from a severe heart defect and urgently needs surgery makes it incredibly hard for a mother. Little Nick ist treated at paediatric ICU of Uniklinik Freiburg. Doctors a fighting months for his life, while his family does not give up hope.

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The Far Green Country

A young family, struggling to stay afloat amidst disappointment and heartache, set out on the road in search of the hope of healing as a couple, connecting with their son and pursuing a more whole-hearted pace of life. This real-life tale tells of the comedy, the hardships, and the passion of living intentionally and adventurously in marriage and with children.

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Reap What You Sew

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The Reap What You Sew tailoring school in Malawi Africa is transforming the lives of destitute women by teaching them a skill that will sustain their families in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Child of the Killing Fields

An inspiring journey from genocide to freedom through the eyes of an abandoned child. Those who have walked the road from genocide to freedom share their stories of survival and triumph as they rebuild their lives, their souls and their country.

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The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything


A profound and far-reaching choral documentary that ranges from the mysteries of the stars and the universe, to the changes in the global stage, to mankind’s existence and development to recount the wondrous deeds of the Lord of creation from ancient times until today. This is a testimony from a whole new perspective of how the Lord of creation created all that is and rules and manages all things, how He gives sustenance to and nourishes mankind, and how He promotes the course of human history.

Grafted. - An Albanian Down Syndrome Adoption Story

Join my family on an adoption journey halfway across the world as we adopt my little sister from Albania.

The Father I Never Knew

Journey with 4 inner city guys from Chicago and 1 from St. Louis, who never had a father, or lost their father at a young age, as they share their stories of what happened to each of them, from getting involved in gangs, guns, drugs, violence, and finally, incarceration for major crimes, and then in the darkest place, they found hope. Hope revealed on a hopeless journey!


Saved - Escape from Kim´s regime

Andy and his mother tries to flee from North Korea, but the escape plan goes desperately wrong. After crossing the border safely, their guide does not show up as agreed, and they are stuck in the hillsides in China in minus thirty degrees weather. After three days without food or water, they are suffering from severe frostbite and almost freezing to death. Knowing the high risk of being discovered by Chinese border police and returned to brutal punishment in North Korea, they get onto a local bus and decide to venture into China on their own. On their way, they get unexpected help from a secret network of people, mostly Christians, called the Underground Railroad. Risking their own lives, these people provide logistical support to help bring North Korean defectors to safety. In this documentary, we follow the stories of refugees from North Korean as well as the recognized human rights activist Tim Peters - who for two decades has worked to save as many North Korean escapees as possible through the Underground Railroad.


Miracles from the Killing Fields

Sothy Trang and his fellow church members tell their stories of surviving the Cambodian Genocide and Coming to America

Warriors to Lourdes

Awareness around the invisible wounds of war has only recently begun to surface. In addition to mental and emotional suffering, moral injury has emerged as the spiritual aspect of trauma. A new 3o-minute documentary by the Knights of Columbus highlights the transformative experience of the annual Warriors to Lourdes (WTL) pilgrimage for wounded, ill and injured veterans seeking physical and spiritual healing. Through the very personal accounts of Retired Marine Sergeant Buster Miscusi, Navy Chaplain Rev. Fr. Mark Bristol and Master Sergeant Sompaul Vorapanich, among others, the film showcases the direct impact the Knights of Columbus, in partnership with the Archdiocese for the Military Services, is having in support of our young war heroes and their families.

Wise Children

Impoverished children who are underserved by their community meet affluent jewish community volunteers in a unique pro-bono summer school. As we learn more about the hard lives of these children we realize that the benefits of the program don't only affect them. Moving, sweet and shining a light on the positivity of Tikkun Olam ('World Repair')