Documentary Films 

Go behind the scenes at the largest Christian youth event in the world, where an ambitious live musical unfolds over five nights. The Making of Daniel tells the inspiring, funny, and triumphant story of a diverse group of people coming together to share the story of Daniel with an audience of 50,000 at the International Pathfinder Camporee.

In 'MARE NOSTRUM – A Concert. A Journey', students from the Scuola Vivante are preparing for a concert with the Catalan musician Jordi Savall and his ensemble from 11 different countries. Interviewed by the students, the musicians talk about their lives and the places they call home around the Mediterranean. They talk about their love of music and their instruments. One month later, a school trip takes the students to the sea and right up into the High Atlas region of Morocco to their partner school, the 'école vivante'. 

One man's dream of raising $100,000 for the orphans of Uganda by beating the world's longest distance speed record, the Appalachian Trail.

Amazon Arising is a first-person missionary feature documentary that transports you into the heart of the Amazon jungle. It’s high water season and this adventure-packed journey follows the life of Jungle Jen as she reaches the “unreached.” Observe the victories and the challenges that a modern-day missionary faces on this journey of joy.

Miracle Matt

A mini-doc of "Miracle Matt" Manazari, a local Clermont, FL boy. Do you ever wonder,  Loved by all his peers, respected as one of the top athletes in his sport, and a man who undoubtedly has a story worth hearing. At the peak of Matt's career as a Professional Wakeskater, he suffered a near death accident competing at what is the equivalent of The World Series in baseball, or the NFL Super Bowl. Against all odds, he survived total reconstructed skull and face surgeries and was thought to return back to his sport in full force. 6 months later, Matt had a second accident, when he was tragically electrocuted with 15,000 volts of electricity while trimming trees at his church. 

Our Yolŋu Story of Faith: a story about our people, our language, our faith, our culture. Hundreds of indigenous Australian languages and traditional cultural practices are dead or dying. In remote communities across North East Arnhem Land, a team of learned Yolŋu has worked tirelessly over generations to keep language, faith and culture strong. The impetus for their work may not be what you’d expect. 

When the Saints documents one young man’s mission end sexual exploitation in the African nation of Malawi, a journey that begins in his own heart. The program not only calls us to care about justice for girls trafficked in rural Africa, but also to examine the ways that lust, personal impurity, pornography, and distorted views about romantic friendships serve to feed the problem. The film is a thought-provoking and powerful tool to rally the saints with a call to greater purity.

Tesifa Le Wekin

 See the stunning results of how a simple act of kindness can change someone's life. Join an adventure to Ethiopia with Sunny Ray, along with her husband Wyn and their friends. Sunny shares some of her inspiring and life changing experiences with you. You, your family and friends will not be the same after watching "Tesifa Le Wekin". 


Miracles are supernatural. They're also surprising. They happen in ways, and through people, we may not expect.

In this short documentary, we see followers of Jesus doing precisely what he told his followers to do: "Proclaim the Kingdom of God, and heal the sick." (Luke 9:2)

They are flawed people - doctors, nurses, custodial staff, spiritual staff - doing whatever they can, with whatever they're given, to restore broken bodies.

“Shaped by God” is a documentary about a man named Michael Furchert. Growing up in communist East Germany, Michael faced many difficult trials and choices because of his Christian faith. But God, the master Potter, used the trials in his life to shape him into a stronger vessel for service and blessing. Michael now has a ministry in the USA as he travels all over the nation to speak about how God has worked in his life. 

Set in the Pacific Northwest, three brothers find refuge and redemption from a troubled home through their faith in God and their love of fly fishing for steelhead.