Middy Films  (30-60) minutes

A saxophone musician blames himself for his fiancee's death, sending him into a state of despair leading to homelessness. He has a brief encounter with another man who provides a brief ray of hope but that hope is quickly snatched away. He finds himself at a church where he is taken in by a kind pastor who tells him "God has a plan for you" and soon discovers that opening his mind and his heart to that plan leads him "home

MICHAEL VALENTINE is a top executive career oriented woman who has her eyes on the prize of becoming the successor as the CEO of the Advertising Firm she works for. Michael has exactly what she wants. The love of her life Robert Hart wants her as his wife. Michael must make a choice of following her heart with the love for Robert or for the love of her career. But then life sometimes throws an unexpected twist

When a woman takes on a foster child they both find healing as the learn about each others' pasts.