Short Films

Lily is a homeless beggar; Richard is a respected bishop. Their lives could not be more different, yet in some strange way they live in parallel - facing the same choices and challenges. But as their paths cross three times, they realise that although their roads may be parallel, they are travelling in different directions.

Inspirational short film takes you into the life of a man named Bartimaeus on the day his faith changed him forever. Witness his story THROUGH HIS EYES. Based on Mark 10:46-52

Jim, a missions aviator, unexpectedly finds himself stateside after his wife falls ill with an unknown sickness. He takes a job as a flight instructor at a local airfield, but his heart and mind continually drift back to Africa. Jim struggles to accept God’s will because he knows that means letting go of his dream.

A Brickfilm accurately portrays the story of Jesus' death and resurrection through the eyes of LEGO® characters. From the garden of Gethsemane, to the resurrection, The Passion: A Brickfilm is a beautiful look into the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Shot on location in Uganda, Africa, The Passion: A Brickfilm features stunning visuals, a diverse cast, and lovingly designed historical sets that truly bring the Bible to life.

The path to righteousness isn't easy, it's filled with spiritual warfare and fleshly desires, as this young man will soon discover.

When Emma Parker buys the horse no one else wanted at the horse auction, it isn't long before she understands why.

Sergeant William Burke has had to handle many tough situations in his 20+ years in law enforcement. But this was no ordinary day. And little did Sergeant Burke know that today everything he believed would be put to the ultimate test.

A rehabilitated convicted felon has high hopes of a new and better life for his wife and child upon release from prison; only to sadly be reminded that his criminal status overshadows his newly found christian lifestyle.

A Beautiful Life tells the story of Deborah, a single woman who has endured her mother brutally comparing her to her seemingly more successful sister. Deborah eventually runs into 3 wayward souls in a local coffee shop who each have their own life dilemma. Deborah gives each person sound advice but is it advice she can take herself? 

An unfaithful bride seeks redemption and forgiveness from her husband but first has to hear some condemning truths.

God's relationship with the church is likened to a husband and his bride. Imagine if this relationship were personified.

What would the conversation be like?

This award winning film is about a young boy on a spiritual quest with his scooter, ends up in the park. He shows kindness by sharing his snacks with an elderly checker player. Later he realizes who he thinks the checker player was.

As a man faces the reality of his wife's dementia, he must decide whether to hold on to his guilt or let her go.

A man struggling with a loss learns that although times like these are the worst, he's not alone.

A woman is confronted with her mortality when a co-worker takes a risk to intervene.

Drew loves playing his drum for people until he is bullied by a boy named Malcolm. His dad encourages Drew to go on drumming and befriend the very boy that bullied him

This film's purpose is raise awareness about mental disorder and to give a voice to those individuals and their families who suffer in silence with mental disorder daily. 

A troubled woman encounters a mysterious gardener and discovers her Heavenly Father.

Karen hates Christmas until an encounter with a homeless woman changes her perspective.

Deelia Williamson better known to the girls at the club as Delicious is a frustrated forty year old exotic dancer with a Christian background and upbringing. Far from her humble beginnings, her life has taken her on the journey filled with fast money, danger, manipulation and false promises. It will take strength for Delicious to walk away from her current employment needs and seek guidance from the LORD to SAVE her SOUL!

Henry loves Eleanor. Eleanor just wants to be left alone. They are both homeless. How far will Henry go to win the heart of the woman he loves?

When Jenny learns about her estranged father's failing health, she makes the journey back to her childhood home in attempt to rid herself of guilt, but what she finds there may set new revelations in motion as she's forced to face her inner demons.


A recently widowed veteran gets a new lease on life by striking up a friendship with a mom and her young daughter

Miranda convinces St. Peter to let her return to earth, but is returned to the wrong Paul! Now, in the two hours she has left, she has to make it to her Paul, and take care of their unfinished business.

One day a father heard a shocking story from someone and fell into the swamp of negative thoughts. His life eventually changed as his little daughter found grace and wisdom in the word of God.


A young woman struggles with her identity after her mother dies.


A man doesn't realize golf has become his God-until he is shown the future

The Lawn Boy

After the death of their parents, siblings discuss options for the care of their 'dependent' brother, who seems to have it more together then they do.

Mini Films

Four victims holding a coffin of a deceased by a bullet, who are the victims and the deceased? and what is the bullet? their stories are told in this 1 minute short film


The idea for the film actually comes from a talk I heard by Simon Sinek on how the use of cell phones and social media can adversely affect relationships. What I want to do is highlight how a person can be consumed so much with technology and social media that they miss out on some of the simple and best parts of life.


A mysterious guide walks a fine line between our world and a parallel dimension.


In the Last Days is a choreopoem that depicts 2 Timothy 3.


Curve is a film following the life of Izzy, a hopeless romantic who tries to build up the courage to approach his long time crush Virginia.

The story of The Good Shepherd Recovery Home in Mulshi, Maharashtra (India), where those with substance addiction go through a 4 month residential program to confront their emotions, take responsibility for their past, and get back on their feet.