Faith based short film about a man battling addiction from the viewpoint of the spiritual realm.

Repression is about spiritual warfare. Have you ever wondered how the battle going on within you would look if you were physically staring right at it? This faith-based short film will give you a visual of what the lead character Mike, is spiritually battling against and how it has caused depression, anger, and harmful events to occur in his life. Mike will be face to face with his enemies and will have to make a decision that could change the rest of his life when he feels he has nothing left. As you watch this film, think of what you are battling against and the choices you are making to win your battle, especially when you feel you have nothing left.

Three strangers tell the tragic incidents that led them to want to take their lives and the Divine intervention that kept them alive. Things change after you SEE THE LIGHT.

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See the Light

Ramona's Eyes

Ramonas eyes.jpg

A woman who has suffered great loss inspires those around her by teaching them to love despite of what was lost.

Family Box

Family Box.jpg

Charles Jr. who has never gotten a chance to be raised by his father who has been in and out of prison his whole life. He leans on his mother for guidance and the ways of manhood. Charles Jr.’s father has left him a box which is to be given to him by his mother when he becomes a man but little does the young man know that the time to step up to manhood comes sooner than expected when his father is killed in prison. This short film will teach young boys to follow their own road to Manhood rather than follow those men in their family who have taken the lesser road of becoming a man. Every man makes a life-altering decision for their life by circumstance or by choice, you decide.

The Road To Destiny

The Road to Destiny.jpg

Micky & Michael Oliver have a love that is forbidden, and they will need their faith to bring it all together



In the near future, a young woman awakens from having a memory erased to find she now feels guilt over something she can’t remember.

The Shoeshine Minister

the shoeshine minister.jpg

A sidewalk shoeshine man touches the life of a hopeless customer.

Colors of Brilliance

Colors of Brillance.jpg

A young genius struggles with finding her identity in Christ.

Church in a bar

Church in a Bar.jpg

A short film about lives that were changed when a local church began holding services in a bar.

Broken UnBroken

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BROKEN UNBROKEN follows the path of Nick Riemer and his transformation after breaking his back while training for the Junior National Freestyle Ski Team. Devastated, Nick works through the idea that he may never ski again.

Journey of Life

Journey of life.jpg

Young Girl seeks help after she lost her wallet & cell phone but nobody offers to help her.



Despair is a short film about a family dealing with the aftermath of their unarmed teenage son being shot and killed by the police.



As Christians how do we treat those that are different from us?

Faith Ties - The Alley

Faith Ties.jpg

A former successful business man falls into tragedy and has an encounter with someone who is there to bring him back into life.

First Love

First Love.jpg

First Love is about a woman seeking forgiveness from her first love. She strayed away, deprived him of her time and attention and often gave her affections away to other people. But now she is determined to win him back.

The Real Question

The Real Question.jpg

Alicia is a struggling writer who is experiencing the hardest time of her life, financially and relationally. Meanwhile, Lauryn, her best friend, and roommate is winning in life and in love. Tensions heighten in their relationship as Alicia continues to fail in navigating her hardships. Can their friendship endure the conflict that has become inescapable?

Job (2018)


A family holds on to hope as they struggle to survive in the decaying economic climate.

When their son becomes sick, the medical bills pile up and Esteban and Jasmine Morales lose everything. Broken with disappointment and sadness, they trudge forward; giving up is not an option. Working almost around the clock, they do everything they can to save their son. And maybe one day, return to the life they once had.

The Thought of You

The Thought of You.jpg

A young man sick of caring for his bitter mother contemplates on breaking free. 

A real mystery about a mother who dislikes her son.

The Fiend at my Elbow.jpg

The Fiend At My Elbow

Forced to work late on a dark and stormy night, Bill learns he has to find a new way to face down an old temptation. He discovers that sometimes when you kick a bad habit, the habit kicks you back.



Scotty, a single dad, and his boy, Ethan, are going on a road trip to new lands and a new life. Leaving everything behind, they load up in their classic truck and begin their journey. Before they can reach their new life, the truck breaks down and Scotty and Ethan are stranded; far from any town. Before Scotty can repair the truck, they are attacked by car thieves. The vehicle gone, their journey has come to a very desolate end.