Everley is determined to become an overseas missionary, but she never expected God to fit the pieces of her dream together this way.

The Grave Inc.

The Grave Inc.jpg

The days leading to Jesus' death and resurrection, Mrs. Grave and Lucifer's demon, make plans on how to keep Jesus of Nazareth in the tomb and stop him from coming back to life.

Special Election

special Election.jpg

A local hero runs for mayor, but at a town hall meeting, a reporter surprises everyone with a video showing what he did one night on a country road.

Softly and Tenderly

Softly and Tenderly.jpg

A short film music video that shows the struggle of a young girl to choose to fully surrender her heart to Jesus Christ.

Traveling Soldier

Traveling soldier.jpg

After a shy, lonesome soldier strikes up a conversation with a young waitress, they find themselves wrapped up in an unexpected romance while he’s at war.

The Bus Ride

The Bus Ride.jpg

Inspired by a true story, The Bus Ride chronicles a young man's jarring moment of reflection. Chad, homeless and down on his luck crosses paths with an elderly woman at a bus stop. The encounter changes his life forever when he decides to tag along on what becomes her last bus ride through the city. 'The Bus Ride' is a cascading paradigm of small deeds leading to an unknowingly larger act of kindness. 

Wink At Me

Wink At Me.jpg

Phoebe is a hopeless bookworm romantic who finds herself catching the wink of a man in the park. But is it really love at first wink? Not if her sister, Lyndsey, has anything to say about it.


One to One.jpg

“One-to-one” tells the particular meeting between Jesus and a young man who is away from faith. This person confronts Jesus with insidious questioning about the hard injustice of his sickness, loneliness and helplessness in front of pain.



Unsure how to move on after losing both his job and his wife, a man decides to end it all. He almost succeeded, but when the surprise arrival of a mysterious stranger puts his plan on hold, he is forced to examine what makes life worth living.

Opposite Actions

opposite Actions.jpg

A brother and sister clash when he invites their estranged father to a party honoring their mother.



A young cynic struggles to let go of personal demons.

Killing Time

Killing Time.jpg

A fallen angel returns to earth to find his past and ends up absolved of his sins.



A young man is transformed through an empowering encounter taking place on the streets of East London, that leaves him in a dilemma.

The Refill

The Refill.jpg

A therapist finally learns to take his own advice.

Mystical Crisis

Mystical Crisis.jpg

A priest is persecuted by a man in a mystical crisis. To help him he decides to involve him in the preparations for the mass... Crisis

The Prodigal


The younger of two sons asks his father for his inheritance. Soon the son squanders his fortune, becoming destitute. Starving, he returns home intending to work for his father as a servant. To the son's surprise, his father welcomes him back with celebration and fanfare. The older son, on the other hand, is not so happy about the younger brothers return.

A Season of Change

A young married couple who have been having issues for several years, come to the awakening that they need change in their lives. Before their marriage hits a breaking point, they reach out to friends and family for help before it's too late.

Aberdeen Covenant

An immigrant family's plea for a home

Dying to be loved.jpg

Dying To Be Loved